14 new spots that changed the scenery in Limassol this July!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the unique Experiences it offers. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, nor do they serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

This month was full of wonderful surprises that you ought to explore, if you haven't done it already. Limassol welcomed several new venues snd shops that have enriched even further the experience one can get from the city.

From drinks and food, to luxurious accessories and jewelry, these 14 new arrivals make the city even more glamorous, vibrant and tasty, showing that it is actually even more an even more desirable destination at any season.

Check out the openings below and check the list with your favorite ones, scheduling some visits within this month.

1. Alakati

“Alakati”, an open air venue at a paved square with a stone-built well in the middle, is a place that oozes of local tradition. The restaurant is the latest addition in the dining options offered at the St Raphael Resort. With a view to the marina, with the numerous sailing boats and the green gardens of the resort, the restaurant specializes in the Cypriot cuisine flavors with recipes as known from back in the days, made with genuine ingredients. The well, built with Cypriot stones, with its “alakati” (the rope rolling down with the bucket) in the middle of the dining area, marks the restaurant's identity.

2. Christian Xenon Jewellery & Watches boutique

The jewelry store that has been offering jewels and watches of supreme quality for over 20 years, has expanded its operation in the new boutique by the Limassol sea. The new boutique is located in a small distance by the Four Seasons Hotel, enjoying amazing views to the sea, making shopping an incomparable experience for its visitors. In fact, when a glass of chilled champagne accompanies this experience, the pleasures gets in a whole new level.

3. The Ribeye

The Ribeye Club, a "temple of the meat", has arrived in Limassol to answer the dreams and the… munchies of those who love beef and steaks. In a spacious and modern area, this alternative, gourmet butchery, specializes in beef, from its import to its preparation, providing anything you will need for the ultimate barbecue.

4. Rakomelo

Chilled beer, Greek ouzo and tsipouro and some tasty rakomelo (arak with honey) – of course – will be filling your glasses and bring up your spirit. Vibrant, happy people will be chattering over some plates with delicious bouyiourdi (grilled feta cheese with tomato), bekri meze and many more. Do not miss out on the meat recipes, with fresh sauce and herbs, and enjoy some breezy, summer nights with some nostalgic, Greek tunes to accompany you.

5. River Lounge Café

A new place that turned the Garyllis bank into an ideal, all-day relaxing spot: from early in the morning, for a happy morning start with aromatic MOAK coffee, juices and delicious smoothies, amazing waffles and croissants or home-made pastries, until late at night with ice-cold beer and delicious dishes. The same hospitality is also provided to the dogs visiting after a walk with their masters, since the café will welcome them in a special place with their own bowl of water and a treat, while children enjoy the games at the park nearby.

6. Blue Café

The Blue café, the third of the colorful cafés that operate at the Limassol seafront park, opens, for the first time after the implementation of the project, under the brand name of a well-known company in Cyprus. Thus, the palette at the seafront area is now complete since, after the Red and Yellow cafes, the brand new Blue one is now on. Caffé Nero at the Blue café is the second shop of the same company by the Limassol sea, since a few meters away one finds the Limassol Marina shop.

7. EPL Diamonds

Unique glamour and unparalleled luxury in one of the first European shops of the famous brand of EPL Diamonds. This is a company originating from the eastern Russia, where Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha, an autonomous Russian district in Siberia, is found. The area hosts one of the largest diamond mines. The shop also has some of the most expensive jewelry in the world, as well as elegant models with smaller cuts for any budget.

​8. TwoWaves Club

TwoWaves Club is a concept revolving around water as the main element of fun, but it is far from a typical swimming pool. This place introduces for the first time in Cyprus the surfing simulator, which allows you to try something different and exciting, within a controlled environment. This special pool, installed in the area, can create artificial waves with a controlled velocity, in order to be suitable for adults and children, as long as they are taller than 110 cm.

9. Caffé Nero

An endless garden on the wall, an intriguing bookcase in the back, impressive wooden artwork in the bar, comfortable seating and the warm touches of wood are the elements that make up this new spot in at the Limassol seafront. The brand new Caffé Nero with a view to Dasoudi park in Limassol, offers leisure and elegance, aromatic coffee of premium quality, under breathtaking chandeliers, with its unique teak furnishing, a trademark of the store, welcoming you. 

10. Barbacoa

Smoked meats in a warm enviroment, with the smell spreading around, served in the dishes with potato salad, fried sweet potatoes, pickled cucumbers and onions or baked beans and accompanied by tasty beers, coming straight from Scotland, England and Greece. This is the new tasty option in the heart of the Limassol old town, in the picturesque walkway of Genethliou Mitella. Babracoa found its place in a classic, restored house, serving traditional recipes from the American south, as well as alternatives for vegetarians and lighter dishes with smoked turkey.

11. Ancora

The Italian company Ancora already counts 1 century, having accomplished to be internationally renowned. The company presents an image of elegance and luxury, manufacturing items of everyday use, with the detail of true works of art. Since 1919, when it was founded in Sesto Calende, it has been one of the most well-known companies for elite, fountain pens that stand out for their impressive design and excellent mechanics. 

12. Columbia Beach

It is a venue made to fit the cosmopolitan vibe and the quality of life provided in Limassol, as well as the rapid development happening in the city these past few years. With the experience and the successful presence of Columbia Restaurants in dining and entertainment venues, the company now presents its latest creation, the impressive Columbia Beach. From its spacious interior with the bar, to its luxurious loungers for large groups, the new beach bar is about to satisfy every mood, providing relaxation and leisure, as well as fine dining and intense entertainment with favorite Djs.

​13. HookahPlace

The idea of hookah has probably found the most fitting place to be developed as an overall philosophy of relaxing and enjoying life, inside an old, stone built room in the Limassol old town. Having some enthusiastic visitors in more than 35 locations around the world, this international franchise of HookahPlace has recently made its appearance in the city. It is an initiative on the part of 2 brothers from Russia, who were captivated and excited about the old Limassol and its people and wanted to get connected with the place and the locals. After all, hookahs had always been a favorite habit for those spending their time in those areas.

14. Watermelon Beach Bar

With a tropical scenery, the beach bar located by the sea, guarantees some unforgettable summer experiences with sun and sea leading the way along with refreshing cocktails served in real fruits and some amazing parties. The sunbeds and umbrellas on the coast and the enormous shade be the bar make this venue the perfect place to rest and cool down, even in the hottest days of the summer.