OPENING: In Limassol you get to visit a pool that different from any other!

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Something completely new, utterly entertaining and impressive has been open since a few days now in Limassol. This summer, fun and games in the water have reached a whole new level.

TwoWaves Club is a concept revolving around water as the main element of fun, but it is far from a typical swimming pool. This place introduces for the first time in Cyprus the surfing simulator, which allows you to try something different and exciting, within a controlled environment. This special pool, installed in the area, can create artificial waves with a controlled velocity, in order to be suitable for adults and children, as long as they are taller than 110 cm.

This special entertainment venue, with lots of colors, chilling corners and spacious areas, provides options and activities that will keep you up to beat from 10 am until 1 am. The restaurant has a full menu for dining, while the bar serves 45 different types of cocktails, staying open until late at night. The same area also hosts other, rather regular pools, for leisure or suitable for children games.

Entrance in the venue is free. The experience with the simulator costs €30 / hour and includes renting a board and getting trained by the experienced instructor overlooking the pool.

Address: 6. Ariadnes Street, Muttayaka
Contact number: 25 256 929

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