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About Us

All About Limassol is the Official City Guide of Limassol and it is an initiative of the LCCI (Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for the proper promotion and presentation of the Limassol city and countryside. It is officially supported by all of the bodies and organizations, such as the Municipalities, the Ports Authority, the CUT and others.

It is the only Official Source for Promoting Limassol in Cyprus and abroad, which showcases its numerous advantages and builds a dynamic brand name, letting people (locals and visitors) know why is this city a unique destination for Living, Celebrating and Investing in.

Among others, the most complete and reliable source of information about Limassol, provides to the people unique, daily suggestions in the city, a fully updated Agenda for each day, with all of the important events throughout the 365 days of the year, with a Business Directory, informative articles and tributes, rich photo material and impressive videos, while it is daily updated by a group of numerous people (professional Journalists, Editors, Translators, Photographers, Designers, Cinematographers, IT specialists and more).

The fact that thousands of people (mainly permanent residents of the city) are engaged with All About Limassol (as the Official Source for Promoting Limassol), participating in the production of the material, sending pictures and information, complementing even more the material that showcases the city and the countryside of Limassol, making it more reliable and updated, is also a very important aspect of the Project.

Limassol is historical. It is cosmopolitan. It is exciting. It is wild. But above all, it is everything you would have wanted it to be…