About Us

All About Limassol is the Official City Guide of Limassol, officially supported by all the city’s institutions and organizations, including the CUT, MUNICIPALITIES, PORT AUTHORITY, etc. It produces original, quality content (articles, tributes, photographic material, videos, and more), which highlights for the first time the diverse product of Limassol (both in Cyprus and abroad).

It showcases the city and countryside’s many advantages, providing both locals and visitors with information as to why this city is a unique place to Live, Celebrate and Invest in. This innovative Project is an initiative of the LCCI for the correct promotion of Limassol and the strengthening of its brand.

This Project directly supports the city’s economy, both by providing information to locals (who know, love, and move around within their city the most), and by attracting visitors from other cities in Cyprus and from abroad.

What is also important is the fact that thousands of people (primarily permanent residents of the city) have become connected with All About Limassol (the Official City Guide of Limassol), actively participating in the production of content by sharing images and information, thus making the promotional material for the city and countryside even more complete, more reliable, and continuously updated.

Limassol is historical. It is cosmopolitan. It is exciting. It is wild. But above all, it is everything you would want it to be…