OPENING: A brilliant boutique has opened by the Limassol sea!

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A special place with unique design hosts exclusive merchandise of great names from the magical world of jewelry and supreme watchmaking. An elegant and spacious lounge, with a view to the sea, bathing in light and splendor, is the space of the new Christian Xenon Jewellery & Watches boutique.

The jewelry store that has been offering jewels and watches of supreme quality and aesthetics at 107 Gladstonos Street, has expanded its operation in the new boutique by the Limassol sea, just a few weeks ago, still creating the same magic. The new boutique is located in a small distance by the Four Seasons Hotel, enjoying amazing views to the sea, making shopping an incomparable experience for its visitors. In fact, when a glass of chilled champagne accompanies this experience, the pleasures gets in a whole new level.

Η Christian Xenon Jewellery and Watches is the sole distributor in Cyprus of the luxurious brands of supreme watchmaking and jewelry, such as Franck Muller Geneve, Cvstos “The Time Keeper”, Backes and Strauss, Faberge, Buben & Zorweg, Van Der Bauwede Geneve, Stefan Hafner, Leo Pizzo, Very Gavello, Alessio Boschi, Schoeffel Pearls, Nouvelle Bague και Sicis Jewels. Thus, some of the most famous brands of luxurious watches and jewelry find their place in a special spot at the “Mediterranean jewel”, joining their brilliancy with the one of the sea.

Address: 59, Amathountas Avenue, Agios Tychon, 4532 Limassol
Contact number: 25 745 542       
Email: [email protected]


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