OPENING: Internationally renowned teaks and unique, juicy burgers have just arrived in Limassol!

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The Ribeye Club, a "temple of the meat", has arrived in Limassol  to answer the dreams and the… munchies of those who love beef and steaks. In a spacious and modern area, this alternative, gourmet butchery, specializes in beef, from its import to its preparation, providing anything you will need for the ultimate barbecue.

The beef with excellent quality standards is imported from abroad and, right after, it is transformed into something magical, after being processed and prepared in various ways. The store also makes the Legendary Wagyu Burgers, while also following the Dry Aged Beef process, in which the beef matures. Thus, the beef gets softer, more delicious and it has a better scent.

 The store offers meat with rich flavors and aromas, in unique and special options, along with the guidance by the experienced staff. The love and knowledge of staff for the meat passes on to the customer, who can get all kinds of information, concerning the purchase of the meat, as well as cooking options.

Address: 42 Amathountos, Agios Tychonas
Contact number: 99 844 557

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