OPENING: A new luxury arrival in Limassol!

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Unique glamour and unparalleled luxury from Russia found their place in the heart of Limassol. This new arrival brings to Cyprus one of the first European shops of the famous brand of EPL Diamonds.

This is a company originating from the eastern Russia, where Yakutia or the Republic of Sakha, an autonomous Russian district in Siberia, is found. The area hosts one of the largest diamond mines, since almost 1500 kimberlitic veins were discovered there, which is a stone found in the core of diamonds.

The EPL Diamonds is a company that cuts, manufactures and sells the infamous Yakutia diamonds. Since last spring, the luxurious jewelry of the company, in classic and modern designs, are available for shoppers in Cyprus, through the new, exclusive shop, right next to the well-known, commercial Aneksartisias Street. The company provides the most brilliant diamonds in the world, with unparalleled clarity and even more sparkles under the light, cut with the “firing ice” technique. The shop also has some of the most expensive jewelry in the world, as well as elegant models with smaller cuts for any budget.

Address: Themidos and Aneksartisias corner

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