OPENING: New spot in Limassol for Greek style meze and drinks!

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If you have some strong memories of a Greek meze place, the sight of it alone will make you feel nice. After crossing through the square, you turn to the alley and you first see the wooden chairs and tables lined up at the corner. “Rakomelo” is a new spot that brings in mind something of the alleys in Thessaloniki and Athens.

With just a few days of operation, at the northwest side of the Heroes Square, this new spot has been giving a special color to the area. In a relaxing mood and quite a large range of meze dishes, with references to the Greek cuisine flavors mostly, “Rakomelo” aims to create a meeting place for friends.

Chilled beer, Greek ouzo and tsipouro and some tasty rakomelo (arak with honey) – of course – will be filling your glasses and bring up your spirit. Vibrant, happy people will be chattering over some plates with delicious bouyiourdi (grilled feta cheese with tomato), bekri meze and many more. Do not miss out on the meat recipes, with fresh sauce and herbs, and enjoy some breezy, summer nights with some nostalgic, Greek tunes to accompany you.

Address: 1, Ipirus Street (Opposite "Cyclos" music stage)

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