OPENING: New spot in Limassol for ice-cold beer and coffee under the shadow!

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Apart from sea, Limassol also has a river, crossing through the city from north to south, which has been for some years now one of the most beautiful and welcoming parks in Limassol. River Lounge Café is a new place that turned the Garyllis bank into an ideal, all-day relaxing spot.

From early in the morning, for a happy morning start with aromatic MOAK coffee, juices and delicious smoothies, amazing waffles and croissants or home-made pastries, until late at night with ice-cold beer and delicious dishes, this place has something beautiful and familiar in it. With warm hospitality and plenty of greens around, the River Lounge Café could just as well be the terrace of a house, where you are used of spending the most beautiful hours of the day.

The same hospitality is also provided to the dogs visiting after a walk with their masters, since the café will welcome them in a special place with their own bowl of water and a treat. The children enjoy the games at the park nearby, those who look for lounging moments have a choice of shisha and sports enthusiasts will be fixed on the games shown on large screens. Thus, since 8 in the morning until 12 at midnight, everyone finds their own reason to “nestle” in this green corner, created after a dream of 2 fanatic Limassolians.

*The owners bet that the temperature in the river bank is lower in the summer, even in the middle of a heat wave, and they encourage you to see for yourself with coffee — croissant and club sandwich — beer budget combos.

Address: 5, Walt Disney street, Garyllis Linear Park
Contact number: 25 694 949

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