OPENING: This is the new spot for quality dining in Limassol!

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Smoked meats in a warm enviroment, with the smell spreading around, served in the dishes with potato salad, fried sweet potatoes, pickled cucumbers and onions or baked beans and accompanied by tasty beers, coming straight from Scotland, England and Greece.

This is the new tasty option in the heart of the Limassol old town, in the picturesque walkway of Genethliou Mitella. Babracoa found its place in a classic, restored house, which has been serving for a few days now some traditional recipes from the American south, as well as alternatives for vegetarians and lighter dishes with smoked turkey.

The secret for its dishes is smoking the meats in warm environment for up to 16 hours, which makes them softer and adds this special scent. Even if steaks and burgers are considered a fast food option. The restaurant emphasizes on a minimalist image, that connects harmoniously the traditional elements of the place and the modern furnishing, while it invests in local pork and imported beef. Barbacoa suggests that you enjoy them in a slower pace, for beautiful evenings made special thanks to quality dining and the unique, ice-cold beers in the restaurant.

Address: 42, Genethliou Mitella Street
Contact number: 96 020154

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