OPENING: An alternative café is the new option in Limassol for absolute relaxation!

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Cozy sofas and armchairs in warm colors, original decorations with wooden and metal elements, impressive lamps and imaginative designs on the walls. The idea of hookah has probably found the most fitting place to be developed as an overall philosophy of relaxing and enjoying life, inside an old, stone built room in the Limassol old town.

Having some enthusiastic visitors in more than 35 locations around the world, this international franchise of HookahPlace has recently made its appearance in the city. It is an initiative on the part of 2 brothers from Russia, who were captivated and excited about the old Limassol and its people and wanted to get connected with the place and the locals. After all, hookahs had always been a favorite habit for those spending their time in those areas.

The HookahPlace presents the tradition and delight of a hookah, through a modern approach. The venue has several kinds of tobacco from around the world, while there are also master classes taking place about hookah craftsmanship. Lighting, colors and music cooperate to reassure that the experience will be utterly relaxing. The restored building has its own yard to allow you an even more traditional feeling during your visit, while the place also has a playroom. According to the owner, though, to makes sure that you have experienced it as you are supposed to, you should try their exclusive, genuine Chinese tea, at least once. 

Address: 1, Spartis Street
Contact number: 99 127 928

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