OPENING: The new beach bar in Limassol officially opens its doors for its guests!

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It is a venue made to fit the cosmopolitan vibe and the quality of life provided in Limassol, as well as the rapid development  happening in the city these past few years. With the experience and the successful presence of Columbia Restaurants in dining and entertainment venues, the company now presents its latest creation, the impressive Columbia Beach.

The modern architecture, the rich decorations and the special design of this all-day venue with 5 different departments, is what actually steals the impressions. From its spacious interior with the bar, to its luxurious loungers for large groups, the new beach bar is about to satisfy every mood, providing relaxation and leisure, as well as fine dining and intense entertainment with favorite Djs.

Columbia Beach, operating 365 days in the year, has a menu that can cover all tastes, offering, apart from snacks, cold or hot starters, fresh salads, homemade soups, meat, fish, sushi, pasta and risottos, as well as a whole category of homemade sweets and ice cream. An, while it already looks like an ideal option for the summer time, the fireplace in the area is a hint for some really enjoyable winter visits, with a view to the Limassol sea.

Διεύθυνση: 6, Promachon Eleftherias Street (Seafront, next to Crowne Plaza)
Contact number: 25 321 500

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