OPENING: This new spot in Limassol has a huge wall garden!

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An endless garden on the wall, an intriguing bookcase in the back, impressive wooden artwork in the bar, comfortable seating and the warm touches of wood are the elements that make up this new spot in at the Limassol seafront.

The former Sesto Senso Jetset has been transformed into a little oasis of serenity and relaxation, with conditions suitable for enoying authentic, Italian coffee. The place has been designed especially for Limassol, in order to become a landmark for the area, creating a destination just as special and impressive, as it is familiar and cozy.

The brand new Caffé Nero with a view to Dasoudi park in Limassol, offers leisure and elegance, aromatic coffee of premium quality, under breathtaking chandeliers, with its unique teak furnishing, a trademark of the store, welcoming you. The result is for you to enjoy hints of luxury in unlikely low cost.

The café, apart from the awarded coffee, also serves refreshing drinks, snacks and sweets, as well as dishes from its kitchen. The Caffé Nero at Dasoudi is the third addition of the franchise in Limassol, right after the Blue Café at the Limassol seafront park, where a wholly different, more marine, aesthetic approach has been applied.

Address: 45, Promachon Eleftherias, Dasoudi (Yermasoyia)

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