OPENING: The brand new Blue café at the Limassol seafront is now open!

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The Blue café, the third of the colorful cafés that operate at the Limassol seafront park, opens, for the first time after the implementation of the project, under the brand name of a well-known company in Cyprus. Thus, the palette at the seafront area is now complete since, after the Red and Yellow cafes, the brand new Blue one is now on.

The building, property of the Limassol Municipality, has been recently leased to the company that represents the Caffé Nero brand name in Cyprus. A few weeks after extensive works for the preparation of its outlook, the venue is ready to receive its guests, who will enjoy the aromatic coffee, literally into the blues.

The lease agreement is valid for around 3 years, during which the company will be managing the café, providing its services to the people. Caffé Nero at the Blue café is the second shop of the same company by the Limassol sea, since a few meters away one finds the Limassol Marina shop.

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