All of Limassol's new arrivals of the month!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the unique Experiences it offers. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, nor do they serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

The new shops that made their appearance during the first month of the summer are both interesting and various. From food and drinks, to beauty, personal care and design, these new arrivals managed to attract people's attention.

Beautiful taverns in the city and the province, with options for meat and seafood, as well as a new, special cafe, are the new places to choose for going out. Design and detailed aesthetics are also present, through an alternative furnishing showroom and a different cosmetics store.

I folia tou Drakou

“I folia tou Drakou” is a tavern that stands out precisely for the way it has took the baton from the past, with plenty of creativity and, mostly, with plenty of tastiness. With the Cypriot meze at €16, some well-prepared Cypriot meat on the grill, meze with a modern twist from the Greek cuisine, grandmother’s mahallepi, syrup sweets, ouzo and wine, it gets to be a favorite hung out place from early in the afternoon until late at night.


An old window case on a ground floor, the characteristic, metal, decorative bars on top, with an almost majestic simplicity and a surprisingly familiar sense. The mobhaus desigh store works in the design and furnishing area since 2007 and it is an option for quality and alternative uniqueness. This uniqueness has turned the company towards choosing an old building with a distinctive architectural identity. What made it choose the old town was also the belief that the conjuncture of commercial and residential areas, can be a motivation more vibrant places.


Wooden tables and chairs, simple decorations referring to the traditions of the area and the mesmerizing scents from the grill that won’t stop roasting. With 2 areas on the northern side of the square and sitting places on its paved area, in the middle of flower pots and trees that circle the place, the tavern offers options from a mix grill variety, as well as menu a la carte, for those who prefer a meal on a certain dish. Flavors and scents are simple, but the secret of the taste lies on the art of grilling.


Natural, handmade products for men and women, treatment oils crafted by an expert chemist collaborating with the store, mineral salts, even cosmetics suitable for children, as well as many more quality items, are offered in affordable prices for all. The space itself, with attention to detail, with tree logs as shelves and metal elements, inspires, through a modern, industrial approach, the warmth of a familiar experience. The store also provides skin diagnosis, makeup and professional eyebrow shaping.

Trelli Garida

With all-fresh fish and seafood of the Mediterranean, cooked with state of the art combinations, the fish tavern ”Treli Garida” (Crazy Shrimp) brings the vibe of the islands in the heart of the historical center of Yermasoyia. With a load of imagination, love for good food and a good knowledge on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, the chef makes some true works of art with shrimps, ouzo, kadaifi and baklava pastry, octopus in vinegar, marinated sardines, a variety of tasty, smaller fish, crabs and many more.

The Hub

Its exquisite design and interior arrangements, done by Miranda Vasileiou, will immediately make it inevitable to enjoy every little minute, providing the best environment for a refreshing break in the day. The menu includes drinks with quality coffee, supreme organic coffee, brewed in the shop, as well as organic tea and detox juices. What really stands out, though, is its cold brew coffee that preserves all the aromas, without the bitter under-taste.