OPENING: This is why you need to know the new Limassol's concept store!

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It is called Eyescream and it quite possibly will make you scream out of joy as soon as you visit it. But its name is actually an indicator that this new store will provide anything you need for your personal care, from head to toe. Thus, Eyscream brings for the first time in Cyprus and Limassol some of the top cosmetic brands, known among the beauty professionals.

Constantina, after several years of experience in the beauty field, was inspired to create a modern space, with attention to details, which allows her to offer to the people some premium quality products by more than 30 brands from abroad, of which most are coming to Cyprus for the first time. The store at Thessalonikis street, in the city center, is an option for those who look for something beyond the label, those searching for special solutions and advice from an expert.

 Natural, handmade products for men and women, treatment oils crafted by an expert chemist collaborating with the store, mineral salts, even cosmetics suitable for children, as well as many more quality items, are offered in affordable prices for all. The space itself, with attention to detail, with tree logs as shelves and metal elements, inspires, through a modern, industrial approach, the warmth of a familiar experience. 

The store also provides skin diagnosis, makeup and professional eyebrow shaping.

Address: 59, Thessalonikis street
Contact number: 25 26 04 26

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