OPENING: Something very modern and elegant at Limassol's picturesque streets!

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An old window case on a ground floor, the characteristic, metal, decorative bars on top, with an almost majestic simplicity and a surprisingly familiar sense. These are the first impressions when you turn your head at 141 Elefthrias street.

The mobhaus desigh store works in the design and furnishing area since 2007 and it is an option for quality and alternative uniqueness. This uniqueness has turned the company towards choosing an old building with a distinctive architectural identity, to expand its operation in Limassol. Showcasing the harmonious contradiction of modern furnishing and retro industrial space, the company brings a refreshingly creative air in the picturesque and historical parts of the city.

The identity of the company itself are the design and interior design professionals working with it, contributing with their personal creative touch. What led them to the old town was a common belief that the conjuncture of commercial and residential areas, can be a motivation more vibrant places. The tension to innovation in interior design has resulted to a notable collaboration between the mobhaus and studio architetto Michele De Lucchi from Milan, while the materials come from brands such as Zampieri Cucine, Davide Groppi, Viccarbe, Muuto and Lacividina, as well as the unique pieces by the Cypriot designer Stavros Ioannou.

Address: 141, Eleftherias street
Contact number: 25 346 055

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