OPENING: Their grandfather' s old coffee shop was turned into a trendy meze tavern!

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Since 1974 it was the coffee shop run by a refugee, who was relocated in Pentakomo village. Since 2017, though, it has been turned into a meze tavern made with the love, dedication and respect of the new generation to the heirloom given to them by their families.

“I folia tou Drakou” is a tavern that stands out precisely for the way it has took the baton from the past, with plenty of creativity and, mostly, with plenty of tastiness. With the Cypriot meze at €16, some well-prepared Cypriot meat on the grill, meze with a modern twist from the Greek cuisine, grandmother’s mahallepi, syrup sweets, ouzo and wine, it gets to be a favorite hung out place from early in the afternoon until late at night.

Chicken kebab, delightfully marinated with yogurt and herbs, juicy steak, Greek saganaki and zucchini balls are the delicacies that made the tavern known from mouth to mouth, in just 2 months.

The shop has been set up by the bare hands of the grandchildren of the previous owner. “We even crafted the tables – the chairs are the only ones we bought made, because we could not weave the seat”, they say. Constantinos and Giorgos are ll ready and set to receive you at any time. The only thing you will need to do is give them a call and the fire will be blazing by the time you get to the picturesque Pentakomo.

Contact number: 99 820 641

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