OPENING: Limassol's new fish tavern brings a hint of Aegean breeze!

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Limassol’s new fish tavern brings a hint of Mykonos, Santorini and the rest of the little paradises in the Aegean sea, that have become worldwide favorites for their colors, scents and flavors.

With all-fresh fish and seafood of the Mediterranean, cooked with state of the art combinations, the fish tavern ”Treli Garida” (Crazy Shrimp) brings the vibe of the islands in the heart of the historical center of Yermasoyia. With a load of imagination, love for good food and a good knowledge on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, the chef makes some true woeks of art with shrimps, ouzo, kadaifi and baklava pastry, octopus in vinegar, marinated sardines, a variety of tasty, smaller fish, crabs and many more.

The pleasure in “Treli Garida” comes in several episodes, simply because no one can manage to have a taste from everything at once. Fish balls, crazy shrimp salad, lobster pasta, bayonet fish and so many more fresh fish from the window, as well the homemade desserts of the chef. The good thing, of course, is that you don’t really get tired of these episodes and you can have them repeated again and again. You just clean your palate with mastic liquor and you keep going with the same appetite, enjoying a trip through taste to the islands.

Address: 3, Patron street (across the municipal parking lot)
Reservations: 25 367 367

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