OPENING: Delicacies on the grill are tempting your nose at the Limassol city center!

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Wooden tables and chairs, simple decorations referring to the traditions of the area and the mesmerizing scents from the grill that won’t stop roasting. “Karvouniasmata” is an alternative meze tavern that was missing from the Heroes Square to complete the square of flavors.

With 2 areas on the northern side of the square and sitting places on its paved area, in the middle of flower pots and trees that circle the place, the tavern offers options from a mix grill variety, as well as menu a la carte, for those who prefer a meal on a certain dish. Flavors and scents are simple, but the secret of the taste lies on the art of grilling.

The meze tavern, apart from fine and well prepared dishes, also offers the experience of dining in the idyllic environment of the historical Heroes Square, where the feeling of the neighborhood is still present, even if the city center is buzzing of life. This beautiful, summer scenery is complemented by musical evenings, scheduled on a steady basis, while the same vibe will move inside the covered areas of the tavern during the winter time.

Address: Pavlou Mela, Heroes Square
Contact number: 7000 0087

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