OPENING: This is the new, modern café that will change the image of Makariou Avenue!

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Modern impressive and spacious, the Hub is the new arrival in the popular Makarios Avenue, which is expected to become a favorite place for coffee, snacks and relaxing times. With an utterly interesting menu and an even more interesting look, the Hub is aiming to… “chill” the summer in Limassol, in every possible aspect.

Its exquisite design and interior arrangements, done by Miranda Vasileiou, will immediately make it inevitable to enjoy every little minute, providing the best environment for a refreshing break in the day. The menu includes drinks with quality coffee, supreme organic coffee, brewed in the shop, as well as organic tea and detox juices.

What really stands out, though, is its cold brew coffee that preserves all the aromas, without the bitter under-taste. The Hub also brings some very special recipes for drinks, such as chocolate etc. The menu, though, can also cover the need for a quick bite with delicious snacks, savory and sweet.

Address: 201D, Arch. Makarios Avenue
Contact number: 25028105

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