31 moments in Limassol, that stood out in 2017!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special advantages of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the unique Experiences it offers. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, nor do they serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

A year full of feelings, new images, new experiences, enthusiasm and plans for the future has come to its end on December 31st of 2017. The arrival of 2018, hence, can be a year of even more opportunities and even more and great things for the future of Limassol.

Both the city and the countryside look towards an ominous future, since the prospects appearing on the the horizon are unlimited. One doesn't need to look backwards in these cases, but there sure are some facts we should keep as a feedback that will guide the way in the future. New developments, new entertainment venues, infrastructure and award winning projects are a great stock for the days to come in 2018.

Below, the list includes 31 wroth-mentioning moments that marked 2017 and consist a motivation for Limassol to achieve even more.

Moments that stood out…

1. The Old Port Square proved to be an ideal location for several cultural or other kinds of events. 

It also created the opportunity for a series of impressive, outdoors parties, giving a new vibe to the city’s life. Check out here the first party at the Limassol Old Port

2. The Limassol Marathon, the largest sports event in Cyprus, grew even more and became a 2-day event.

Thus, even more people of all ages had the opportunity to participate in various activities, both for sports and entertainment. Read more here.

3. The implementation of the Larger Online Historical Archive of Limassol has begun. 

The project is an initiative of All About Limassol, Official City Guide, in collaboration with Pattichion Municipal Museum and Limassol Historical Archive, with the grand support by RCB Bank. Read more here.

4. Guaba Beach Bar, a one-of-its-kind beach bar in Cyprus, was voted among the top 20 clubs in the world…

promoting Limassol as an ideal entertainment destination. Read more here.

5. A series of important infrastructure works have started within the year (Ayias Fylaxeos Street, Old Port street etc) which have either upgraded the city’s image or they are about to do so. 

The new era at the Old Port roundabout is definitely a typical sample of this change. Read more here.

6. The new modern terminal of 7000 square meters has opened.

It is designed to accommodate the largest operating cruise vessels, is opened in the summer at the Limassol port, under the DP World management. Read more here.

7. The internationally renowned oncologist from Limassol, Nicolaos Zamboglou, envisioned and realized the foundation of a modern Oncology Center in his home town.

The German Oncology Center, which aims to relieve thousands of patients that suffer from cancer, opened in November 2017. Dr Zamboglou, talked about his vision, his life in Limassol and his career in Germany in a unique interview to All About Limassol. Read more here.

8. “Sailing Yacht A”, τhe 143-meter superyacht, arrived in Limassol. 

It has 3 masts, as tall as 91,44 meters are in fact taller than Big Ben's tower, boasts 8 floors - with a helicopter pad on one of the decks - and an underwater observation room. Read more here.

9. The largest solar panel park in Cyprus, an investment of around €5 million, has been constructed by a company from Limassol, GDL Green Energy group, in Frenaros. 

The solar park is located at Frenaros and hosts 12.756 solar panels in total, resulting to power of 7700 MWh and 4,4 MWp. Read more here.

10. Limassol received 2 European architecture awards for 2 exquisite projects that represented the city in London.

An impressive residential development was one (see it here) and a unique arts’ space (see it here) was the other of the couple that attracted international attention.

11. The implementation of the restoration work at the Limassol Municipal University Library, the former impressive Pilavakis Mansion.

Its festive lighting, was one of the central events of the last days of 2017. Read more here.

12. In 2017, black color in food sure did turn out to be a trend and Limassol had its fair share in it with several options.

From black ice cream and black seafood sandwich, to a burger, they did turn some eyes.

New Arrivals

Limassol never stops evolving, growing and attracting more and more people, both visitors and permanent residents of any nationality. Thus, new venues, shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainments parks appear in it, to enrich the options the city offers.

Some of the most impressive ones were:

13. Masterland theme park. Read more here.

14. The luxurious Columbia Beach Bar for enjoying the seaside at any season. Read more here.

15. A unique pool with artificial waves for surfing at Two Waves ClubRead more here.

Dozens of other new arrivals have marked this year, too, such as Bordello bar, favorite spots for food, such as Estrella Limassol and Crepa Crepa, stylish restaurants, such as Gostijo, the unique Aplostra Beach Bar, a modern barber shop — bar, Old Boy Barber Shop, spots for healthy delights, such as Superfood Bar and Theta, and many more, interesting and unique, which you can find here.

New image at the hotels…

​The hotel industry in Limassol passed through a generous phase of renewal, which significantly upgraded the image of the hotels in the city and district and, consequently, the image of Limassol itself.

16. A new development in Four Seasons hotel has created some new, luxurious suites, up to 90 sq. m. Read more here. 

At the same time, Colors Café, a favorite destination in the city, reopened in the hotel area. Read more here.

17. After a refurbishment of €1,5 million, St Raphael hotel opened again.

It even announced plans for the development of a new luxury, residential project next to it. Read more here.

18. Columbia Beach Resort underwent a complete transformation after its extensive refurbishment…

into a 1-of-its-kind resort on the entire island, with 167 suites in total. Read more here.

19. GrandResort hotel reopened after an extensive renovation with an even more impressive image…

surrounded by the 372 palm trees that are planted on its lands. Read more here.

20. A new luxury resort, Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, was fully presented to the public in 2018.

The 222 luxury rooms and the 53 suites, out of which most have their own private pools, make this one of the most luxurious accommodation option in Cyprus.  Read more here.

Large projects…

21. The Gallery

Located on Limassol’s famed seafront road and right next to the Old Port, The Gallery will be an iconic building with a uniquely permeable design linking the seafront with the town center via an illuminated overpass that artfully connects the promenade with scenic St. Andrews Street. Read more here.

22. The Oval

After a 3-year construction period, The Oval, the tallest commercial building in Cyprus of 75 meters high, is now an organic part of the everyday life in the Limassol city and a distinctive element of the image of the coastline. Read more here.

23. Del Mar

The foundation stone of the Limassol Del Mar was set in a spectacular event, with the projection of the promotional video on a 240 sq. m. gigantic screen. Read more here.

24. The Icon

The Icon is expected to be an impressive addition for the city. Reaching over 100 meters high, the tower will host 54 luxurious residences with impeccable design and views, as well as a modern restaurant with impressive views to the Limassol sea, next to an infinity pool, that will seemingly connect with the horizon, on the 10th floor. Read more here.

25. Castle Residences

Castle Residences is the final residential phase of the Marina, while all other apartments of the development have already sold out. They are surrounded by water, on a private island, where they can be accessed by a bridge and they are located just steps away from the beach. Read more here.

26. Olympic Resort

In a land of 28 thousand square meters at Moutayaka area, in the eastern Limassol, the construction of the Olympic Resort is being planned. This is a new luxurious project by the Olympic Group, which has also constructed the twin towers of the Olympic Residence. Read more here. 

27. The Address

It is an impressive construction, covered in marble, sitting opposite Limassol’s highly acclaimed blue flag beach. The 11-floor building with 28 luxurious apartments and 2 3-bedroom penthouses with private pools and roof gardens, will provide its residents an uninterrupted sea view from the deep balcony, over to the entire area, as well as access to several facilities. Read more here.

28. Eden Roc

A different development has been designed for the area Potamos Yermasoyias, aiming to provide a luxurious residential option, in a unique environment. Eden Roc is a block of residences with a special design, which becomes an alternative choice, combining elements of the urban and natural environment. Read more here.

29. Sky Tower

The new, vertical development planned for Limassol, spreads in a large square near Yermasoyia tourist area. Inside this land, a modern 23-floor tower has been designed, surrounded by an area which covers more than double its square meters, including gardens and open air facilities, thus creating a green lung in the area. Read more here.

30. Trilogy

Trilogy, the 3 towers with the large, central plaza between them, is a prestigious project, which has attracted the interest of a foreign investor, who participates with dozens of millions in the venture. The 3 towers of the development, covering a total of 21,500 m². Read more here.

31. People of Limassol...

In 2018, notable people in Limassol, with significant achievements and an interesting professional and life course that has marked the city, had the opportunity to talk about their business, their life, as well as their great love for Limassol. For the first time they elaborated on their beliefs freely, even speaking about their personal life, their connection to the city everything they love in it, anything they would like to change and everything they would like to see in the coming years, which would allow Limassol to move forward. The occasion and motivation for all of these interviews, was the role of All About Limassol as the Official Source for Promoting Limassol, which was considered by all of these people the best way to talk about their own place.

Among them were:

Christos Mouskis, owner of Four Seasons Hotel. Read the interview here.

Marios Lanitis, one of the head of Lanitis Group. Read the interview here.

Yiannis Antoniades, owner of Guaba Beach Bar. Read the interview here.