PHOTOS: A 7000 m² plaza is coming at the Limassol seaside!

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The large, triple development planned for Limassol reaches beyond what is known so far in Cyprus. Trilogy, the 3 towers with the large, central plaza between them, is a prestigious project , which has attracted the interest of a foreign investor, who participates with dozens of millions in the venture.

The much-talked-about Trilogy, was launched in the property market, being a particularly tempting option for those who wish to invest in luxurious residents. Apart from the residential units, the project also includes advantageous offices, which, just like the apartments enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the Limassol sea. The 3 towers of the development, covering a total of 21,500 m², are located in 70,000 m² of land, allowing passages for sunlight and air, both for the residents of the towers, as well as those in the surrounding area.

The project, a total investment of €350 million, is implemented by Cybarco, in collaboration with a foreign investor. The "triplet" towers, with 39 floors of apartments and offices on the West Tower, 36 floors of apartments on the East and 37 floors of apartments on the North, are designed as if they were linked into a single family group through a coherent architectural language, even though they are not identical. At the center of the project, there will be a 7,000 m² square, with restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. After the development of the Limassol Marina and the implementation of The oval, Trilogy, which will be constructed in the land of Lanitis Mansion, on the seaside road, is the new, ambitious venture of the company in the city.

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