An impressive construction in Limassol wins European award in London!

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The Sculpture Museum "Mikri Salamina" by Filippos Yapanis was awarded first prize as the best Public Service Architecture building in 2017. This recently built construction, called Arts Nest, is a unique creation designed by Savvides Arvhitects, which has managed to stand out from the very beginning

The building, with modern lines, white color all around its interior and a glass facade, allowing the inside area to communicate with the outdoors and the sculptures located there, was named a top Public Service Architecture building among similar constructions participating in the European Property Awards 2017. This is an internationally renowned institution, part of the International Property Awards.

Arts Nest consists of 5 levels. The 2 upper levels house the residence of the artist himself and his son. The basement, the ground floor and the loft host the showroom which is also available for lectures / presentations and has a cafeteria, a souvenir sales area and toilets.

This is the second prize awarded to this building, since it was also distinguished as a remarkable project at the international Build awards.

Check out more information and photos about the project here.

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