This black sandwich is the new, mysterious arrival in Limassol!

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Among the most recent arrivals in the city, it has already become the center of attention of those who spotted it out in the menu. Its black color may be causing some questions, but it actually is a very nutritious meal, rich in flavors and scents.

This special shrimp sandwich is a new suggestion in the menu of the refurbished Colors Café at the Four Seasons hotel. The black bun is baked in the café’s bakery and it is enriched with squid ink, which has the distinctive, black color effect, as well as a special taste.

It is a clearly seafood meal, since the filling consists if juicy, marinated shrimps, accompanied with lemon confit. The dish is served along with fresh rocket salad, creating a wonderful combination of colors and flavors. The best part is that this special sandwich is available in one of the most spectacular, new venues in the city, with 5-star facilities, and at an affordable price that I not much more expensive than a typical burger.

Check out the new image of Colors Cafe here and find out about its new additions.