VIDEO: A company in Limassol is constructing the largest solar panel park in Cyprus!

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The largest solar panel park in Cyprus, an investment of around €5 million, has been constructed by a company from Limassol, GDL Green Energy group, in Frenaros. The company, which has undertaken major projects abroad, too, will also be constructing the solar panel park in the western Limassol.

The Frenaros park, the cost of which is covered by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, will host 12.756 solar panels in total, resulting to power of 7700 MWh and 4,4 MWp. After its connection to the network of the CAE, it is expected to prevent the production of 4,400 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

The license for the construction of the pilot solar panel park in Limassol, a park of 1000 Kw purposed for the use of hydrogen, is expected by the end of 2017. Its construction will cost around €120 thousands and it is expected to produce 1780 kWh/Kw per year. The construction of the park has been part of the collaboration between the Government of St. Petersburg, the Limassol Municipality, the CUT and the university ITMO in St. Petersburg.

The Limassol solar park aims to contribute in the examination of the potential of the usage of hydrogen in transportation. In particular, in the first phase a unit to convert solar energy into electricity (100 kW) and store into hydrogen form will be constructed. Later on, a unit of around 5 MW of power will be constructed, to produce hydrogen as fuel for cars and for the production of electricity through hydrogen generators. The pilot unit will be built on land let by the Limassol Municipality.