Black Angus burger in Limassol, has turned more black than ever (and people are drooling over it)!

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It’s called “The Ultimate Burger” and it is an evolved version of the classic and loved by everyone Black Angus. A favorite place in Limassol, which already stands out for its cuisine, presented its new menu and this addition sure does attract people’s attention.

The image is so unique, with the black brioche enclosing a juicy and perfectly grilled Black Angus burger, that it does make one curious to know how it would taste. This particular dish is among the most loved new additions in the menu of Pier One that has been carefully prepared by the chef, who recommends it without hesitation.

 called “The Ultimate Burger”  includes Swiss cheese, chopped lettuce, fresh tomato, caramelized onions, grilled Portobello mushrooms and Japanese mayonnaise, featuring the burger in this unique, black bun. The burger is served with fresh French fries and side salad.