10 + 1 new places we discovered in May that you should visit!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the unique Experiences it offers. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, nor do they serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

Something new always comes along in Limassol, but if it happens in the spring time it is even more interesting, because it can fix your mood twice. So, just before the summer arrives, several and various options will come up to enjoy it in the best possible manner.

Trying new things means you always have some surprise waiting for you. The season is changing, and you have the opportunity to change you routine, too. So, check out the new arrivals we discovered in May and make your own choices in fashion, food and entertainment.

Get in schedule, so that you can catch up!

Buffalo wings and rings

Offering some authentic American recipes for over 30 years now, these chain restaurants have become a favorite option for groups and families that love the American food and entertainment culture. Its dishes stand out with their delicious and rich sauces, with unique flavors that accompany the meals. Also, with over 50 TVs in the venue, it is a top sport restaurant.

Eparchiaki tavern

With 34 different meze options, inspired by thy Cypriot, Greek and Cretan cuisine, Eparchiaki tavern chooses a new, idyllic location to offer is services to the people. In a stone built building with a traditional yard, the tavern offers its trippy flavors in a whole new atmosphere, moved at the historical center of the Yermasoyia Municipality.​

Aplostra Restaurant Beach Bar

The new stone built beach bar at Lady’s Mile is a reminder of the Greek name of the Aplostra beach. Decorated in a manner that reminds of the area’s features, making use of the woven baskets and crafts of mat for the lighting installations, as well as wooden elements, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At the beach side, where the mat umbrellas and fitting sunbeds, as well as comfortable, inflatable lounges with shades.

Superfood Bar

Superfood Bar aims to prove that healthy food can be delicious and tasty. Spinach and quinoa burgers, pizzas with whole wheat base and colorful smoothies are some of the choices in the rich menu of the bar.

Havaianas boutique

This special boutique, with the well-known quality, colors and design of the brand originating from Brazil, brings to Limassol, in 1 place for the first time in Cyprus, the entire line of the trend that has been identified with the exotic summers at Copacabana.

Baxes tavern

A restored, classic house at Ayia Fyla in Limassol, smells of tradition and delicious taste. It welcomes you in a breezy, stone paved yard, in the summer, and in a warm, traditional space with a fireplace in the winter. With traditional, Cypriot recipes and favorite flavors, meat on the spit and souvlaki, shevdalies, sausages and potatoes are grilled, as well as halloumi, omelettes and many more, tasty dishes.


From souvlaki and saganaki, to yuveci and kokoretsi, all dishes are made with genuine Greek recipes, taking you to a trip at the neighboring country, in the most inexpensive way. The rotisserie makes some tasty kebab and souvlaki on the spit, while lamb chops and pork belly are something all meat lovers should definitely try.​

Havana Society

In the arcade close to the central buildings of the CUT, in the heart of the Limassol city, an authentic Cuban bar is about to welcome its people. Colorful, simple and humane, with a sense of "diligent sloppiness", Havana Society is what it says: a taste of the Cuban society and its entertainment culture.

Koffi mou 

The venue, apart from the ideas for a quick breakfast or bite, also offers a friendly and relaxing vibe, along with the option for some pinball games, for as long as the coffee still lasts. So, even though the decorations are quite modern, Koffi mou is basically a contemporary edition of the traditional coffee shop in the neighborhood, which would be a way out for relaxation, rejuvenation and meeting friends.

Agnandio tavern

Opposite to the little church of Ayia Anastasia, at Pano Polemidia, you will find this hospitable tavern. The city’s view from the porch will be fulfilling enough, but the appetite sure doubles when the traditional kefte comes along, or the stuffed wine leaves and zucchini flowers, or even the delicious stifado (onion stew).

Stou Aki to Koutouki

With an air from times gone by, this little shop is open daily, except from Sundays, from 10 am, offering a combination of Cypriot meze at €18 per person, as well as options for dishes with traditional flavors in its menu, all with fresh ingredients, prepared on the same day. Every Friday and Saturday evening, meals are accompanied by live, Greek music, by a 4-member group, until the early morning hours.