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OPENING: Epirus came to Limassol with the tasteful kebab and original Greek recipes!

Since Epirus came to Limassol, you no longer need to go to Epirus to have a Greek meal. Selected Greek flavors, cooked with artistry by Greek chefs, consist the identity of Epirus Rotisserie, in the heart of Limassol. From its simple dining room, with the white furnishing, mesmerizing perfume oozes daily, inviting you to have a taste.

From souvlaki and saganaki, to yuveci and kokoretsi, all dishes are made with genuine Greek recipes, taking you to a trip at the neighboring country, in the most inexpensive way. The rotisserie makes some tasty kebab and souvlaki on the spit, while lamb chops and pork belly are something all meat lovers should definitely try.

Of course, food is always accompanied by favorite, Greek meze dishes, such as tzatziki, spicy cheese salad and bouyourdi, while there are also traditional dishes, such as the legendary mousakas, the delicious stuffed eggplants and the red sauce stew or pulses. The unique pork leg and kokoretsi are the original Greek additions in the meat menu, but those who still prefer the Cypriot shevdali, will not be unsatisfied.

Address: 115, Makariou Avenue
Contact number: 25 773 100

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