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OPENING: A little place at Aneksartisias street is the new, Greek spot in the city!

Lots of people love the vibe of the picturesque, little shops with live music and meze, found in Athens’ alleys. Some love it so much, that they won’t hesitate to get on the plane, even for a single evening at the Greek capital. But, ever since a few weeks now, this need can be satisfied with a short visit at Aneksartisias street, in the Limassol city center.

At “Stou Aki to koutouki”, you will discover a place with warm atmosphere, genuine, Cypriot hospitality and authentic, Greek entertainment. The venue with the traditional, stone walls, the retro décor and the colorful, wooden chairs, has become a favorite destination in a small amount of time, for people who are looking for something special, usually offered by “koutoukia” in Athens’ alleys.

With an air from times gone by, this little shop is open daily, except from Sundays, from 10 am, offering a combination of Cypriot meze at €18 per person, as well as options for dishes with traditional flavors in its menu, all with fresh ingredients, prepared on the same day. Every Friday and Saturday evening, meals are accompanied by live, Greek music, by a 4-member group, until the early morning hours.

The place is also available for small parties and it is open during summer with a fully air-conditioned area.

Address: 78, Aneksartisias street
Contact number: 99 615 542

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