A new bar in Limassol prepares super food for everyday superheroes!

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Super foods are a most popular trend in modern diet, but they have been associated with lack of tastiness, as offered by fast food. The Superfood Bar in Limassol has a different view on that and its menu is the ultimate proof.

Pizza, burgers, sandwich, colorful smoothies, even sushi have a whole different meaning. Because a spinach or quinoa burger can be just as delicious. Pizza can be with a whole wheat base in purple, orange, green or even black colors, full of the flavors and the tasty surprises of the ingredients, combining fresh, natural ingredients with their color as a criterion.

Thus, fast food becomes both healthy and honest, without chemicals, a bunch of preservatives or heavy sauces to flavor it. The secret of Superfood Bar is not much of a secret, after all, but it does ask for good taste, love and artistry to get these amazing flavors out. The best part is, probably, that it does keep the idea of fast food services, providing the option for online orders and home delivery.

Address: 2, Riga Fereou Street
Contact number: 25 260 260

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