OPENING: Limassol welcomes an authentic Cuban bar!

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In the arcade close to the central buildings of the CUT, in the heart of the Limassol city, an authentic Cuban bar is about to welcome its people. Colorful, simple and humane, with a sense of "diligent sloppiness", Havana Society is what it says: a taste of the Cuban society and its entertainment culture.

 Genuine Cuban cocktails and 3 different areas, properly arranged and decorated to serve all moods and tastes, the bar, which was set up in collaboration with the Cuban embassy in Cyprus, is suitable for refreshing drinks all day long, for relaxing evenings with unique mojitos that will help you mind wander away, and for intense moments of fun, with lots of dancing and latin music. Inspired by the infamous, Cuban Mojito bar in Austria and hosting an actual Cuban behind the bar (1 of 15 Cubans living in Limassol), Havana Society has all the elements to win the bet of authenticity.

The menu includes 33 different cocktails, 8 of which are the signature cocktails of the bar, while one can find among them some favorite Cuban drinks such as Pinna Colada, Daiquiri and Cuba Libre. Music is probably a main ingredient of the vibe in this place, as it is for the streets of Cuba, too, covering a wide range of latin and ethnic beats, from the Afro-Cuban style of Buena Vista Social Club, to the modern latin dance hits.

Address: Athinon 57 C (close to the central buildings of the CUT)
Contact number: 97 744 450

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