OPENING: In the picturesque Irinis street, coffee is just as much art as the buildings of the neighborhood!

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The alleys of the old Limassol town have a special beauty and, among them, Irinis street has its own distinctive color. The aromas of fine coffee have come to be the addition to the image of the restored houses that make you think that the time has stopped several decades ago.

The new hung out place for coffee in the old town is called Koffi mou and it combines distinctive aesthetics, warm atmosphere, retro approach and the amazing aromas of espresso, tea and natural juices. For the day time munchies the shop provides some tasty snacks, such as cheese or haloumi pie, as well as yogurt, fruit salad and homemade bars with healthy ingredients.

The venue, apart from the ideas for a quick breakfast or bite, also offers a friendly and relaxing vibe, along with the option for some pinball games, for as long as the coffee still lasts. So, even though the decorations are quite modern, Koffi mou is basically a contemporary edition of the traditional coffee shop in the neighborhood, which would be a way out for relaxation, rejuvenation and meeting friends.

Address: 137, Irinis street
Contact phone: 95 111 500

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