OPENING: New, idyllic location for a favorite Limassol's tavern!

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With its well-known meze of 34 different flavor options, inspired by thy Cypriot, Greek and Cretan cuisine, Eparchiaki tavern chooses a new, idyllic location to offer is services to the people.

In a stone built building with a traditional yard, the tavern offers its trippy flavors in a whole new atmosphere. Moving at the historical center of the Yermasoyia Municipality, just a few steps away from Ayia Paraskevi church and the Municipal Hall, the tavern, after winning the people’s preference, has set up a new, picturesque environment for going out with friends.

Keeping the same relaxing and friendly vibes and the same quality in the menu, on the occasion of this move, the tavern decides to add a few more surprise meze dishes in its options, both grilled and cooked in the traditional, wooden oven. Unchanged remains the custom of accompanying a dinner with melodies from a bouzouki and a guitar, until late at night, when a feast usually turns into a Greekparty with dancing and singing.

The tavern is open for both lunch and dinner.
Address: 27, Ayias Paraskevis street, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 99 214 447 

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