6 gorgeous churches at the Limassol countryside, dedicated to Mary!

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Gorgeous churches and monasteries in even more beautiful locations, surrounded by greens and the magic of wild nature. Some of the most impressive religious monuments in the Limassol countryside are dedicated to Mary and they sure are worth a visit.

The harmonious nature is paralleled with the owe-inspiring atmosphere of these religious monuments, making these places some kind of a special refuge for those looking for serenity, away from the city. In fact, most of them have some quite notable works of art, while the architecture is also remarkable.

So, traveling a distance of 20 — 30 minutes far from the Limassol city, you may find yourself in one of these most unique churches, dedicated to Mary.

1. Amirou Holy Monastery (Apsiou)


2. Holy Monastery of Panayia Eleousa Trikoukkiotissa (Prodromos)


3. Holy Monastery of Panayia Amasgous (Monagri)


4. Monastery of Panayia Trooditissa

5. Panayia Eleousa church (Trimiklini)


6. Church of Panagia Chrysolofitissa (Lofou)