Holy Monastery of Panayia Eleousa Trikoukkiotissa (Prodromos)

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The Holy Monastery of  Panayia Eleousa Trikoukkiotissa is located in Troodos, 2 kilometers from Prodromos village, on the way towards Platres, and it is one of the most ancient monasteries of Cyprus. 

It started out as a large monastery, as famous as that of Kykkos. It became particularly popular in the 16th century, as the icon of the Virgin Trikoukkiotissa was considered to be miraculous in times of drought. According to tradition, the icon - which no longer exists today - was painted by Luke the Evangelist. 

The name Trikoukkitissa is believed to have been derived from “trikoukkies” (hawthorns, the fruits of which have 3 seeds). Another version suggests that the name is derived from the kokkonia tree (celtis australis), which also appears to be the origin of the name of Kykkos Monastery. A third version suggests that, during the Ottoman Empire years, the monastery lived on one third (“trikoukki” in the Cypriot dialect) of the taxes of Kouklia. Though the monastery shrunk in size during the Ottoman Empire, it was spared from destruction.

In 1761 it was restored and remained in use until the end of the 18th century. Today, the old church is located in the center, and is surrounded by the 5 older cells, to which another 30 were later added.