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Amirou Holy Monastery (Apsiou)

The Holy Monastery of Amirou is located at the feet of Kakomallis mountain, at the northeast of Limassol, east to Apsiou village and west to Mathikoloni. The Monastery is half an hour drive away from the city. It can be reached through the road to Palodia, east from the main road of Limassol – Troodos, following the signs towards Apsiou village.

The Monastery’s foundation year is not precisely known, but some inscriptions and heirlooms would testify its operation at least since the 16th century. The single temple, dedicated to Virgin Mary, was renovated back in 1776. The Monastery was deserted by the beginning of the 19th century and as the years passed, all of its buildings, except for the temple, were destroyed.

The Monastery, after its long - term desolation, would revive in 1997, when a few Sisters would move in. During its modern phase of operation, after the legacy of the head Sister, Mary, who was in charge of the recovery of the sisterhood in the Monastery, a new wing with cells, guest houses and auxiliary rooms was built around the old temple, along with the construction of a new one, dedicated to Saint Catherine. The new temple was inaugurated in 2013. Today, the Monastery hosts 7 Sisters.

The monastery, located in an evergreen, virgin landscape, is an ideal destination for anyone to enjoy moments of peace in the serenity of the forest and the environment of the monastery, while there is also a hospitable picnic area in an easy distance, a Agia Paraskevi area, with traditional fountains providing fresh, spring water.

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