Holy Monastery of Panayia Amasgous (Monagri)

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Within around minutes from Limassol, there is a monastery with a unique name and history that reaches many centuries back. It is the monastery of Panayia Amasgous, dedicated to Mary, built on a small hill near the banks of Kouris River, around 1 km southwest to Monagri village. 

Without any clear indication about the origin of its name, which is a rather name for Mary, some seem to relate it with Mary of Damascus (Damascus — Amasgou). Those assumptions are not supported by any documentation at all, even though there has been a long history between the Church of Cyprus and the Church of Antioch, the ancient capital of Syria, during the Byzantine Empire. 

The monastery of Panayia Amasgou was founded back in the ending of the 11th century, around the time when many other monasteries were also built in Cyprus. During its long centuries of existence, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In fact, in 1630, the monastery was gifted to the Patriarch of Alexandrea, but it was returned to Limassol soon after, since it was to expensive to e supported.

For many centuries, the monastery was left deserted, while its lands were leased to the farmers of that area. Its buildings were all ruined, apart from the ancient church, which was restore in 1960. During the 1990s the monastery was revived again. New facilities were built, to host the nuns that live there now. The monastery has quite some notable murals  from the 11th and 16th century, while the skewers of Saint Ioannis of Monagri ans Saints Sergios and Vachos are found nearby, too.

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