Panayia Eleousa Church (Trimiklini)

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The newest church in the Trimiklini community comprises one of the most notable sights of the village. Visible from the main road, it acts as a landmark for the area.  

The Panayia Eleousa Church was erected on the northern side of the older village church, to help ease the problem of overcrowding. As the community grew, largely as a result of Trimiklini's central location, the need arose for a temple larger than the one dating back to the 18th century. Groundwork for the church began in 1930, and was completed around 1950.

The interior of the church stands out for its rich decor, as all of its walls have been covered in frescoes. The vivid colors, the multi-faceted compositions and the visual forms all come together to create an utterly sacred atmosphere that is riveting to all who visit.