Panayia Eleousa church (Trimiklini)

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The most recent church in Trimiklini village is one of the area’s most notable sights. The church was built right next to the older temple, on its northern side, to help ease the temple’s overcrowding.

As the community was growing and attracting more residents, thanks largely to the central location of the village, the need emerged for a temple larger than the one dating back to the 18th century. The new church was established in 1930, under the Bishop Nikodemos Mylonas, and it was implemented under the Bishop Anthimos Machairiotis during the 1950s.

The new church stands out thanks to its unique decor, featuring impressive murals across all its walls. The bright colors, the vivid representations and the numerous figures drawn in interesting compositions ultimately create a whimsical atmosphere in the temple that is riveting for all who visit.


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