Saint Christos the Gardener Chapel (Trimiklini)

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Christos Kepouros (the Gardener) was a simple man, born in the 18th century in North Epirus (during the Ottoman Empire years) in a farmers’ family. Christos was prosecuted by the Ottomans and he had his life taken brutally, when he denied to change his religion. Thus, his name is listed among those of Neo-martyrs.

Since a few years now, there has been a small chapel in Limassol, dedicated to Saint Christos Kepouros. The chapel is located just outside Trimiklini village, with a view to the all-green slopes of that area. The chapel is found on the road, north – west to the village.

It is a small, single-area temple, with all-white walls, quite well taken care of, since it has only been inaugurated in 2013. The chapel is actually under the administration of the Holy Monastery of Panayia Amasgous, even if it is within the Trimiklini village area.

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