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What would the seafront look like, if the cable – car was still around?

Enaerios area is still today a reminder of the era when the overhead cable – car would transfer materials from the asbestos mine on Troodos to Limassol’s city and the beach.

But, since nothing in that area can remind us of those times, there are not many familiar with the fact that the area’s name is related to the industrial and commercial character that it used to have, around 1 century ago. Until it actually became a popular destination for walks that we know of today, this place experienced several changes over time. But, how would it look like if the cable - car was still around today?

This was clinging in the mind of the Photographer Andreas Hadjiantonis for some time now, until he actually decided to answer it himself by restoring the cable - car facilities back in their original place, through the use of digital technology. Thus, the old building was incorporated in the modern image of the seafront area at Enaerios, giving an idea of how it would look like to still have that building around.

Find out what the “enaerios” used to be.

Find out the history of the land tha hosted the cable – car, before and after its operation.

* NOTE: The articles of the Project "History of Limassol" present information that has emerged from historical research thus far. Any new data is embedded into the articles, once it has been confirmed.

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