Enaerios – The city’s coffee spot and the wooden pier

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The Enaerios pier was built at the beginning of the 20th century and it was exclusively used by Amiandos mine. 

Cyprus was once rich with asbestos, which was being commercially extracted from Amiandos village mine. In order to transport the asbestos through the countryside, an aerial railroad was built in order to transport the asbestos to the warehouses in this area.  From there on, the asbestos was being loaded onto ships and barges from the wooden pier.

The name of the area (enaerios = aerial) still exists and so is the pier. The area today is rich with cafes and fast food and it’s a meeting point for many youngsters.  

The wooden pier had been restored around 1995 and it attracts swimmers and divers as well as amateur fishermen which come early in the morning creating an ideal image for a photo shoot. 

swipe gallery

swipe gallery

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