This brunch turns into a cocktail party, in a special place in Limassol!

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In the city that has been identified with entertainment and parties, brunch could not but become something more than a typical, morning routine for the weekends, with eggs, bread and coffee. A special place in Limassol, that aims to combine fun with fine dining, turns around the Sunday brunch to make it a natural extension of the party from the previous Saturday night.

Liquid Brunch at Dionysus Mansion is the proof that Sunday noon presents a great opportunity to set up a party that has it all: food (plenty and diverse), drinks and loud music that can even push you into dancing. The dining room of the restaurant is properly edited, with high tables and stools, to create the right vibe in the place. The Dj get some vibrant beats on, and 4 cocktails, suited to the occasion (the classic Bloody Mary, the sparkling Mimosa, the Espresso Martini for those wou cannot turn their backs to coffee and the Sangria with commandaria) complement this unique brunching experience. 

Of course, the main aspect of this Liquid Brunch, is its menu, with a buffet of all the classic breakfast options (eggs, cheese and  charcuterie), plus some actual meal option to energize you until late in the afternoon, when the music will still be on, loud and clear. The pulled pork burger (pork meat pulled into strings and served in a bun) with Guaba Nectar sauce and the vegan burger option with zucchini and kinoa balls, are the must haves on the menu, along with some tempting bites of pancetta with commandaria sauce, truffle risotto balls, homemade spinach pie and peynirli.

These Liquid Brunch dates come every month during the winter and the spring time at Dionysus Mansion. As long as the weather allows, this venue presents even more option for its visitors, who can enjoy their meal, drinks and music at a lower sound in the back yard.

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