Dionysus Mansion: A restaurant in Limassol with swings in its dinning area!

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In a majestic, stone built mansion in the city center, with a large yard, green yard in the back, there are some amazing, tasteful miracles taking place. The setting is a special restaurant that these past few years has set as a goal to turn dining into an experience that generates a smile on your face, with every flavor suggested in its menu, or even with the atmosphere in the place.

Dionysus Mansion was set up with a lot of love and imagination, both for its menu and its dining areas. Its Greek and Mediterranean cuisine brings favorite flavors on the table, with beautifully done and perfectly crafted recipes. The venue, with the stone walls as a main element, combines the classic glamour of the wood, with the modern lines of the furniture. What sure impresses you most are the swings that complete the seating area and underline the playful and entertaining vibe of the restaurant.

Thus, the evening at the restaurant are truly special and charming for any group of people spending their time there. At the same time, though, lunch time can be an ideal option for a break from work or a meeting with friends and colleagues. Preparing a rich menu with appetizers (salads and soup), main dish (with options that vary from beef with eggplants and lamb with greens stew, to seafood and gnocchi with mushrooms), as well as desserts, the restaurant presents an extremely interesting option for fine food at €12.

The delight is doubled, when your meal is served outside, in the back yard full of trees, which is open May — November.

The buffet options, which is available 12:30 — 15:00, change in a daily rotation, so that there is always something unexpectedly pleasant to experience. In fact, the menu of the buffet is completely different than the a la cart menu for dinner.

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