Profetes Elias chapel (Lofou)

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South to the village of Lofou, on a hill across the Alassa — Lofou road, one finds the chapel dedicated to Profetes Elias. The Prophet has been connected to the most secluded hilltops, according to the Christian religious tradition, and this chapel confirms this rule.

Located on the hill, the all-white chapel enjoys plenty of views to the sea and the Kouris river dam. The chapel of Profetes Elias was refurbished in 1999. A notable fact about it is the picture of the Prophet, drawn back in the beginning of the 20th century by Othon Yiavopoulos, grandfather of the former President of the Republic of Cyprus, Giorgos Vasiliou. 

This clean and tidy little temple, hosts its visitors perfectly, in an area the has been created for relaxing and recreational moments. The picnic site with the wooden tables, water and fire facilities and the playground for children to play in, showcase the chapel as an ideal option for a beautiful trip.

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