Profetes Elias (Lofou)

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Profetes Elias picnic area is located in a small distance from Lofou village, around 1500 meters south to the community. Profetes Elias chapel, with was renovated back in 1999, is situated there in, on a hill along Alassa – Lofou street.

It is a well-preserved area with an enchanting view to the Kourris dam, the city of Limassol, the Akrotiri salt lake, as well as the feet of the villages west to Lofou, such as Kivides. It hosts picnic and barbecue facilities, as well as children’s playground area, restrooms and water supply.

Apart from the unique view, the picnic site can feature a visit to the Profetes Elias chapel. Profetes Elias picture found there, was painted by the famous painter, Othon Giavopoulos, grandfather of the former President of the Republic, Giorgos Vasileiou.

On Green Day, at the Profetes Elias picnic area, a traditional feast takes place with fasting buffet, music and dancing, kite-flying contests and games.

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