Ice cream leaves of gold: A delight with the touch of Midas in Limassol!

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Just because it shines, doesn't mean it's gold. Still, these artistic ice creams, found at the Limassol city center, are both shining and gold! With elegant shapes, decorated with colorul flowers, these ice creams have made an impression these past few weeks and there is a very good reason for that.

They look like jewelry, but they are in fact much cheaper, while just as special, ideal for a gift, either to a loved one (or one's self). The homemade, golden ice creams are made in specific dates at Uliwuatu café, a place that opened around 2 years ago in Aneksartisias Street in Limassol, presenting alternative and interesting options for the people of the city.

Creating ice creams with organic milk and imaginative flavours, always experimenting with new combintations that enrich its menu constantly, the café now has a wide range of different kinds of ice creams. The most impressive ones are without doubt the ice creams decorated with 1 whole, edible gold leaf. Thus, these special edition of homemade ice creams, apart from the unique dilight they offer with their light, creammy feel, they are also a true delight for the eyes, just like a real piece of art.

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