OPENING: ‘Uluwatu’ is the new keyword for specialty coffee enthusiasts in Limassol

Aneksartisias street hosts for about 4 months now a different space filled with the aroma of specialty coffee, while being a crossroad for cultures and images from diametrically opposite corners of the world. Uluwatu, a well-known destination for surfing in Bali, has given its name to the café that has made "excellent quality" a first priority for anything it has to offer to its visitors.

The place, a cozy lounge with a leather sofa, wooden benches, design / retro armchairs and stools, welcomes all those who love and appreciate the meticulous decoration, its taste in music, art and fashion and, of course, the obsession for the very best in coffee and side dishes. "Uluwatu is all passions together," says Andreas, the owner of the place, who has installed into this space, all of his own great loves.

The passion for good coffee, says Andrew, is a trend that is beginning to win some ardent supporters in the island. Square Mile coffee arrives freshly roasted every week from London, sweets and ice creams are prepared as special and imaginative, as to be worthy of the exquisite coffee, and in the coming plans a handmade, Greek spinach pie, with mom’s recipe is included. Uluwatu, however, is also the first place in Cyprus, which hosts the French fashion magazine, Purple, covering ones passion for style and art. So if you share the same passions with Andreas – either in full or partially - in Limassol you can now find the place to enjoy them as they deserve.

10, Aneksartisias Str
Tel: 25 222191

Working hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 to 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 21:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 21:00

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