Dumplings: The exotic pouches of dough that have Limassol going crazy!

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It is one of the lightest and tastiest meals you can find, when going out for dining in the city. Freshly made, with a variety of exotic spices and unique flavors, these little pouches of dough are a genuine touch of homemade, Chinese cooking in Limassol.

They are called dumplings and they are made in the traditional way, with the same ingredients that housewives use in their own kitchens in China. After all, this is the whole story behind the Chinese restaurant by the name “Dumplings” in Limassol, where you can have a taste. What makes them so special, is the fact that, even though Chinese food in Limassol is just as popular as the Greek home cooking, these dumplings follow the genuine versions of the Chinese culinary tradition, which is hard to find.

Dumplings are made with a special flour, imported from abroad, to produce this thin, elastic dough, which is made by hand, in order to be just as thin as it should. The filling may be made with veggies, seafood or meat or even fa combination of egg with spinach, cooked with amazing Chinese spices. They can be either boiled or steamed, for a short time, in order to be really light and especially enjoyable.

Apart from dumplings, one can also find other traditional dishes fin the menu. You can also try the “black pearl” tea, which is a very refreshing drink, with unusual flavour.

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