OPENING: A new, special place, brings a new life in Lanitis Arcade in Limassol!

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This new addition at Limassol’s commercial city center, just a few steps from the busy Anexartisias street, stands out for 2 reasons: a menu of authentic, homemade dishes of the Chinese cuisine and the fact that it brings a new feel in an impressive, but rather forgotten by many arcade.

Dumplings Chinese Restaurant has created a beautiful and cozy place in the Arcade, which connects Agiou Andreou and Themidos Streets, in the city center. An elegant and welcoming seating area is set up in the arcade, with a large wallpaper, creating the feel of a dense, evergreen forest with running waters.

Ellie, the owner, come from China herself, and she has brought to the menu all of the original flavors and techniques of the genuine Chinese cuisine. Thus, even though she has been living in Limassol for years, this is the first time that people outside her family and friends, her true, Chinese recipes. In fact, dumplings, as the name of the restaurant, refer to the special, dough pouches, filled with meat, seafood or vegetables, one of the specialties of this cuisine, made in every Chinese household. After all, this is the reason that made this place popular to Chinese in Limassol, too.

The menu includes simple dishes, which stand out for the freshness of their ingredients, which are all prepared daily, and the distinct flavors and scents, which are quite different than the international Chinese dishes.

Address: Agora Anexartisias, shop 15
Contact number: 99 367 010