Chocolate Popsicle is the new trend in Limassol for making hot chocolate!

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Hot chocolate making is an art, if you want it to be as delightful as it looks when someone on the screen pours into a cup (blame Chocolat, the movie, for references!). But, since there are few true artisans of this art, (and Juliette Binoche is not exactly near), chocolate popsicles are already becoming a favorite trend in Limassol.

Basically, they are made of fine chocolate, dark, with milk, or even white, which sticks on the end of a popsicle or a small spoon and becomes an ideal option for making fine hot chocolate at home, at work, or even on the go. The chocolate melts into hot milk and the result is… (well, you can imagine what is the result, this is chocolate we are talking about).

For the ones with time and talent, popsicles can be made at home, too (with some sticks and chocolate cases). But, for those who cannot spare either time nor talent in the kitchen, or they preser and trust the skills of the professionals in this field, the chocolate popsicles are already among the the suggestions of favorite confectioneries in Limassol, such as La Galerie Patiserie by Galactica and Galette Artisan Bakery.

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Say you are struggling, but staying away from chocolate temptations (or even say you are part of the tiny minority that does not fancy chocolate at all) this is a great winter gift, anyway. Because, who could say no to chocolate?

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